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  1. IM settings

    This page can be accessed by going to System > Settings > IM IM Settings are for instant messages (email and sms)¬†sent automatically during AbanteCart … events in storefront and admin. IM settings available if you have installed Communication extensions. In the AbanteCart core 2 free extensions available: Twilio
    User ManualsFeb 08, 2018
  2. im-mobile -phone.png

    User Manuals / … / Edit CustomerJan 22, 2018
  3. Edit Customer

    to which the customer belongs determines which discounts are given to this customer. If you have enabled IM (instant messages) additional Mobile Phone field appear for customer and administrators im-mobile -phone.png customer_edit
    User ManualsFeb 13, 2018
  4. Create Admin User

    if you have installed SMS Driver extension and enable IM in settings user-notifications-edit.png user_edit
    User ManualsAug 03, 2017