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  1. System settings

    Go to System → Settings → System system-settings.png Modifying System preferences can, in rare circumstances, break your web store or can cause unexpected behavior. Only do so if you know what you are doing! settings system
    User ManualsFeb 28, 2018
  2. System Check

    This page can be accessed by going to System > Settings > System Recommended is ON. Enable this setting if you want to check your system condition in respect … to AbanteCart functionality. System issues effecting AbanteCart will be reported as messages visible in admin. This automatic tool include checking
    User ManualsJan 19, 2018
  3. AbanteCart System Requirements

    Developers dsuprunenko projkov QA beremenko System Requirements # Title User Story Importance Notes 1 PHP version 5.3.1 … cURL support PHP CURL is required for operation of several payment gateways and systems (such as PayPal, Authorize.NET etc) and real-time shipping services
    User ManualsFeb 07, 2018
  4. Resource Library System

    AbanteCart equipped with flexible and convenient way to store, manage and map media resources. System can handle media files or any other files or HTML codes
    Developer DocumentationAug 25, 2017
  5. system-settings.png

    User Manuals / … / System settingsAug 10, 2017
  6. System Tools

    Tools that will help you manage and drive sales on your site
    User ManualsAug 03, 2017
  7. List Customers

    Settings Forcing a customer to login/register at checkout You can disable Guest checkout in System → Settings → Checkout via Guest Checkout setting. Сustomer … will not be able to check out without registering. Set default customer group to assign new customers System → Settings → Checkout via Customer Group dropdown
    User ManualsFeb 26, 2018
  8. Extension concept in AbanteCart

    This is a generic overview of AbanteCart extension system and organization. AbanteCart architecture is designed around flexibility and expandability in mind … changing technology. To do so we introduce concept of fully extension based system and empower developers to create extensions for any new features
    Developer DocumentationFeb 28, 2018
  9. PHP Info

    Go to System → Settings → System Because every system is setup differently, phpinfo() is commonly used to check configuration settings and for available … predefined variables on a given system. Outputs a large amount of information about the current state of PHP. This includes information about PHP compilation
    User ManualsFeb 28, 2018
  10. Going live checklist

    transaction.   Process test transactions through payment. 5. Reset invoice start number. System → Settings → Checkout 6. Reset Order start number.   System … Save your Google Analytics Account Number in System → Settings → General 13. Test email to customer and to merchant.   When a sale is made on your site, you
    User ManualsFeb 08, 2018