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  1. System settings

    This page can be accessed by going to System > Settings > System system-settings.png Modifying System preferences can, in rare circumstances, break … your web store or can cause unexpected behaviour. Only do so if you know what you are doing! settings system
    User ManualsAug 10, 2017
  2. System Check

    This page can be accessed by going to System > Settings > System Recommended is ON. Enable this setting if you want to check your system condition in respect … to AbanteCart functionality. System issues effecting AbanteCart will be reported as messages visible in admin. troubleshooting
    User ManualsJul 19, 2017
  3. AbanteCart System Requirements

    , MySQL, PDO_MYSQL. Must Have    3 cURL support PHP CURL is required for operation of several payment gateways and systems (such as PayPal, Authorize.NET
    User ManualsAug 10, 2017
  4. Resource Library System

    AbanteCart equipped with flexible and convenient way to store, manage and map media resources. System can handle media files or any other files or HTML codes
    Developer DocumentationAug 25, 2017
  5. system-settings.png

    User Manuals / … / System settingsAug 10, 2017
  6. System Tools

    Tools that will help you manage and drive sales on your site
    User ManualsAug 03, 2017
  7. Messages

    In your store's Admin area, go to the System > Messages On this page You can manage all messages received in your admin. Messages give you dynamic … Starting AbanteCart 1.2.4 you will receive System condition check messages. Important to fix all of them. If for some reason you want to disable System Condition messages please visit System > Settings > System Check pages_tool_message_manager
    User ManualsAug 03, 2017
  8. Common Store settings

    /system/config.php Look for define('ADMIN_PATH', 'secret_admin'); Most common Store settings Section covers the most general configuration settings … such as setting up logo, changing the domain name, etc. List of all AbanteCart settings are in the Admin > System> Settings In order to edit logo your need to locate
    User ManualsAug 01, 2017
  9. Changing Domain Name

    domain name. Move site from a sub-directory No need to change configuration file.  Change Store URL setting to have correct URL in Admin > System … the database prefix for the database? Log in to the AbanteCart backend, go to System> Data > Backup/Restore section. Another way is using a Database Interface
    User ManualsOct 09, 2017
  10. Language Definitions

    In your store's Admin area, go to the System > Localization > Language Definitions Use this to translate already defined Language Definition or to add new … important to edit correct section: Storefront or Admin Example: Change date format System > Localization > Language Definitions To modify date format go
    User ManualsAug 08, 2017