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go to the Sales → Customers Groups

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For each customer who has an account in your store, you have the option to configure change a Customer Group (membership level).

Customer Groups means to apply different privileges to some group of their customers. AbanteCart shopping cart allows you to provide some of your customers with access to special features:

 - discounts;  

- different specials prices;  

- tax exempt;  

- third party extensions may also use Customer groups (customer group auto update, promotions, points...etc)

Customer Groups list


Do not remove Newsletter groups Newsletters group because it is used for the Subscribe feature. All subscribers without registered account will be assigned to this group.

Edit Customer Group

Customer Group Name: Enter a name of a new user group. In most cases not visible for customers.

Exempt from all taxes: Select to exempt customers within group from all taxes. This setting will override Tax Exempt settings in the Tax Rates

Now that you have set up all of your Customer Groups, you can assign them to customers by navigating to Sales → Customers. When customers first create an account, they will be assigned to the default Customer group configured in the Checkout Settings.