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1.3 branch: version 7.4+  PHP 8.0 supported

1.2 branch: version 5.6

Must Have

PHP configuration should include the following options (all these values are default)

  • Register Globals: Off
  • Magic Quotes GPC: Off  
  • File Uploads: On  
  • Session Auto Start: Off
  • OPcache (caching engine built into PHP): off
2MySQL databaseMySQLi database version 5.7+ or above, MySQL, PDO_MYSQL.Must Have MySQL 8 works with PHP 7.4+
3cURL supportPHP CURL is required for the operation of many payment gateways and systems (such as PayPal, Authorize.NET, etc) and real-time shipping services (FedEx, UPS).

4GDThe GD Graphics Library for dynamically manipulating images.Must Have 
5ZIPZipArchive extension is enabled


PHAR extension provides a file-format abstraction method for creating and manipulating tar and zip files

7fileinfoPHP extension to get the content type and encoding of a filesMust Have