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The instructions below are for standard AbanteCart eCommerce application installation on a hosting server accessible on the Internet.

Step-by-step guide

Table of Contents


titleFTP software

If you do not have terminal access to your server, you can change file access permissions using an FTP client. Most of them have the "Change permissions" or "Change mode" functions. With the help of the function, you are to set the permissions for the 'config.php' file and the directories listed above. The 'chmod 666 config.php' command means that you must set 666 permissions (in other words, read, write and execute permissions for the file user, group, and other) for the 'config.php' file. Other commands (e.g. 'chmod -R 777 catalog') means that you must set the same 777 permissions for the directory, its sub-directories and all the files under these directories. Please refer to your FTP client documentation for more detailed instructions on setting file permissions

For Linux/Unix based server servers make sure the following folders and files are writable  (only for the installation! After installation, you should remove the /install/ directory and set more secure permissions directories 755, files 644. Files like index.php and /system/config.php should be disabled for writing, based on your server configuration set 644 or 444)

chmod 0755 or 0777 system/config.php
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/cache/
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/logs/
chmod 0755 or 0777 image/
chmod 0755 or 0777 image/thumbnails/
chmod 0755 or 0777 download/
chmod 0755 or 0777 extensions/
chmod 0755 or 0777 admin/system/backup/ (if exist)
chmod 0755 or 0777 resources/

For Windows-based server servers make sure the following folders and files allow Read and Write.