Blocks Manager

At the highest level, each one of your pages or posts is made up of blocks (sections, columns). A page section can contain one or more rows (1 column block). Each Row can have one or more columns. Each Column can contain a component (blocks), or be empty.

Use drag-n-drop to drag Blocks from the right panel to the layout.

The Page builder Editor contains customizable elements (components or blocks) you can use to create your site including images, text, columns, links, and more.

Main Content Area


Note: the Main Content Area block is a component reserved by the system to add the main page content. This component is required for most pages and can be added only once per page

Missing Blocks

Blocks (components) can be added to your AbanteCart installation by the AbanteCart core blocks, extensions, or themes. If you add a block to a page and then remove the extensions or theme that provided that widget, the block will not show. 


to create new components please follow this guide

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