Can not login to admin


You are cannot login to the AbanteCart administration area


There are a few different reasons why someone might not be able to sign in to admin, but here’s how to overcome the most common login issues

Login may fail in your browser only
  1. Clear browser cache and cookies.
  2. In case this does not help try to login in to other browsers. Follow this guide to fix browser related issues
Find a link to the admin
  • The correct link to admin is based on what is set during the installation process of the AbanteCart.[your_admin]  [your_admin] is provided during installation and can be located in /system/config.php AFTER installation.
Login fail may be caused if the server is unable to create a session
  • Please contact your hosting support or modify the session path on shared hosting by creating/editing a php.ini file
    Include this in your file: session.save_path = "/tmp" 
    or session.save_path = /tmp/php_sessions;