Most Common Settings

This document covers the most common configuration settings such as logo set up, changing the domain name, etc.

List of all AbanteCart settings are in the Admin → System → Settings

Access administration section

Where is the administration interface of AbanteCart?

The admin panel can be accessed by URL like this one: https://your_domain/index.php?s=secret_admin

You should have been prompted for the secret_admin key during the installation.

If you lost or forgot the secret_admin key, you can always find this in your configuration file on your server .../system/config.php

Look for the line:  define('ADMIN_PATH', 'secret_admin');

Note: for your convenience admin URL is presented at the end of the installation process.

Change Site Logo

In order to edit your site logo, you need to locate storefront template settings in Admin.

Go to the Admin → Design → Templates section. Click the Edit button on your current active storefront template.

On the template settings page click on the logo image to change it.  A popup will appear allowing you to upload a logo picture from your local computer or add an HTML resource like SVG image. Depending on the template you use,  you might need to change the size of the image in any image editor.

You also can change the logo visible in the emails.

See this instructional video:

Setting up SEO friendly URLs

It is suggested to use SEO-friendly URLs for product and categories, instead of default ones.  Default URLs contain GET parameters (e.g. index.php?rt=product/category&path=68) that search engines ignore.

To activate SEO URLs, log in to your AbanteCart admin area and go to the System → Settings → System section.

Toggle the Use SEO URL's switch to On position and save.

In the final step, you need to rename the htaccess.txt file to .htaccess on your server. This can be done in your hosting file manager or via FTP/SFTP.

NOTE: If you installed AbateCart into a subdirectory (not webroot), you need to edit the following line inside of the .htaccess file. Change configuration line RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /subfolder/

Refer to instructions inside of  .htaccess file

See this instructional video:

Editing texts and labels in AbanteCart

You can manage all texts and translations in the System → Localization → Language Definitions section. 

Learn more   

See this instructional video:

Edit policies

To replace text with your own policy go to Admin → Design → Content.

Adding new items to your store's menus

To add a new item to the storefront menu: Go to Admin → Design → Menu. Click the Add button.

Specifying your company's identity and contact information.

It is possible to specify your company's identity and contact information so your customers know who to contact if they need more information about your products or services or need help with their order. This can be done in Admin → System → Settings → Details section. Here you able to change welcome text, business address, phone and email address.

Configure Google Analytics

Save your Google Analytics Account Number in Admin → System → Settings → General section

Accepting payments

To accept payments from customers, you need to enable one or more payment methods for your AbanteCart.

Payment methods are managed in the payment methods section Admin → Extensions → Payments.

more payment methods

Get more 3rd party payment extensions at AbanteCart Marketplace

Currencies exchange rates.

Currencies and rates can be managed in the Admin → System → Localization → Currencies

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