Add & Edit Brand

go to the section Catalog → Brands

Brand Name: The brand name.

Also, you can fill/edit/select the following fields:

Stores: Select the store where Brand will appear on the storefront

SEO Keyword: The Search Engine Friendly URL Identifier. Work when SEO URL's enabled.

After you have made your changes, select the SAVE button.

Then a page will reload and you will be able to add Image or any Media using Resource Library. This can be used to display a copy of the brand's brand logo on the manufacturer page and the product assigned to this brand.

brand's image size appears on the product page and home page brands carousel if enabled. In default AbanteCart template image dimensions controlled in the Appearance settings

To modify the custom Layout for the Brand go to Layout Tab.

Layout: Select a layout override to change the look and feel of this brand page.

Did you know you can create a custom Block with selected Brands or a Collection page with products that belong to a selected Brands?

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