Appearance Settings

Go to System → Settings → Appearance


Appearance settings are separate for every theme you have installed. Make sure you change settings for the template set as default for your store!


Storefront Site Width

Set the width of storefront. Example: 100% or 1000px. 

Storefront Site Width setting is optional not all templates allow this setting to work. Please contact your template developer if this setting does not work for your template.

The logo you want to display in the header of your store. In order to set a logo click on the image to change it and a pop-up will appear allowing you to upload a new picture from your local computer or set a pre-existing one that is already uploaded in the images directory of AbanteCart.

There is no recommended logo size because each theme has a different placeholder for the logo image. For the default template best fit with logo image 260px width and 60px height

Logo for e-mails sent to customers.

Usually, the store logo and email logo are the same but you may want to use HTML resource as your store logo to render it without image artifacts using a font or any libraries assets loaded with your default template. Email logo cannot use this approach so you need to use an image or SVG object for it

additional logo formats

AbanteCart allows you to add a logo in any format. For example, you can use HTML code as a logo or SVG object.
The correct way to add the SVG logo is HTML Resource with SVG code inside. If you just upload a .svg file this will not work due to browser limitations

SVG example
1 2 3 4 5 6 <svg width="256px" height="206px" viewBox="0 0 256 206" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid"> <g> <path d="M159.9687,131.8189 C157.1197,129.8819 153.2367,130.6219 151.2977,133.4709 L136.2677,155.5839 C133.7217,154.7319 131.0057,154.2519 128.1737,154.2519 C125.3667,154.2519 122.6737,154.7209 120.1477,155.5579 L95.1857,120.6849 C99.7967,116.0669 102.6497,109.6919 102.6497,102.6489 C102.6497,88.5529 91.2227,77.1259 77.1257,77.1259 C63.0297,77.1259 51.6027,88.5529 51.6027,102.6489 C51.6027,109.2499 54.1287,115.2459 58.2407,119.7759 L35.0887,156.1219 C32.1327,154.9249 28.9087,154.2519 25.5237,154.2519 C11.4277,154.2519 -0.0003,165.6789 -0.0003,179.7749 C-0.0003,193.8719 11.4277,205.2989 25.5237,205.2989 C39.6197,205.2989 51.0477,193.8719 51.0477,179.7749 C51.0477,173.5909 48.8467,167.9229 45.1887,163.5059 L68.6357,126.6959 C71.2947,127.6349 74.1447,128.1729 77.1257,128.1729 C79.6637,128.1729 82.1107,127.7909 84.4237,127.0999 L109.6147,162.2899 C105.3077,166.8599 102.6497,173.0009 102.6497,179.7749 C102.6497,193.8719 114.0767,205.2989 128.1737,205.2989 C142.2697,205.2989 153.6977,193.8719 153.6977,179.7749 C153.6977,173.0229 151.0557,166.8999 146.7737,162.3359 L161.6227,140.4899 C163.5617,137.6399 162.8207,133.7569 159.9687,131.8189" fill="#3E7EBC"/> <path d="M230.4766,-0.0004 C216.3796,-0.0004 204.9526,11.4266 204.9526,25.5236 C204.9526,31.9966 207.3816,37.8896 211.3536,42.3886 L188.1106,78.8756 C185.2436,77.7606 182.1356,77.1256 178.8736,77.1256 C176.0266,77.1256 173.2956,77.6116 170.7386,78.4736 L145.8016,43.6376 C150.4616,39.0126 153.3506,32.6066 153.3506,25.5236 C153.3506,11.4266 141.9226,-0.0004 127.8266,-0.0004 C113.7306,-0.0004 102.3026,11.4266 102.3026,25.5236 C102.3026,32.5766 105.1636,38.9606 109.7886,43.5806 L94.3776,66.2516 C92.4396,69.1036 93.1796,72.9856 96.0316,74.9236 C98.8826,76.8596 102.7636,76.1216 104.7036,73.2706 L120.5366,49.9766 C122.8476,50.6646 125.2916,51.0466 127.8266,51.0466 C130.3226,51.0466 132.7276,50.6726 135.0076,50.0046 L160.2376,85.2496 C155.9766,89.8106 153.3506,95.9166 153.3506,102.6486 C153.3506,116.7456 164.7776,128.1736 178.8736,128.1736 C192.9706,128.1736 204.3976,116.7456 204.3976,102.6486 C204.3976,96.3386 202.0956,90.5726 198.2996,86.1176 L221.6576,49.4496 C224.4096,50.4646 227.3716,51.0466 230.4766,51.0466 C244.5726,51.0466 255.9996,39.6196 255.9996,25.5236 C255.9996,11.4266 244.5726,-0.0004 230.4766,-0.0004" fill="#4C96DF"/> </g> </svg>


A Favicon icon to display in the browser window next to the store address. Should be a PNG that is 16px x 16px.

Color of fill for image resize

Color that will be filled into empty areas during JPG image resizing. AbanteCart automatically generates various sizes of resource images you upload, including thumbnails and listing images. To apply change please clear Image cache in the System → Cache


Images Sizes

Product images are automatically resized by AbanteCart, so you only need to upload one product image and it will be resized to the sizes specified below

Product Image Thumb Size: Default is 380x380. Main product image on the product info page.

Large Window Preview Size: Default is 500x500. Change zoom size for the product info page.

Category List Size: Default is 120x120. Subcategory image size.

Product List Size: Default is 250x250. Products image in the listings (category page, specials page, search, and brands product listing).

third party themes

Some templates have their own settings for product and category image or even use custom hardcoded image sizes to best fit the design. Please contact your theme developer if image size settings do not work for you.

Brand Icon List: The recommended is 90x45. 

Additional Product Image Size: Default is 45x45. Product info page additional images thumbnails.

Related Products Image Size: Default is 120x120. Product info page.

Cart Image Size: Default is 75x75. Products image size on the shopping cart page.

Grid Image Size: Default is 57x57. Size for admin grid images.

After you have made your changes, select the save button