Google Analytics

Go to System → Settings → General

Google Universal Analytics is deprecated in v1.3.4 Please enter your Google Analytics 4 tag ID.

You need a MEASUREMENT ID, follow the instructions in this article.

This also enables basic e-commerce activity tracking. You must enable e-commerce tracking in Google on the profile settings page for your website.

Universal Analytics property will be named "Example (UA-1234567)" and your Google Analytics 4 property will be named MEASUREMENT ID "Example - G-YN27JE55RE".

If your theme does not support the new Google Analytics 4 simply create a HTML block with a new GA4 tracking code and add it to the header in all page layouts.

How to get the new GA4 tracking code

Your new GA4 on-page tag is located on the details page for the web data stream for your GA4 property. If you don't see a Data Streams link in the Property column, you are looking at the Admin page for a Universal Analytics property instead of your new GA4 property.

  1. Click Settings Admin (lower left).
  2. In the Property column, check that you have your new GA4 property selected, then click Data Streams, then Add Stream, then Web. Click the data stream.
  3. Enter your site URL and click Create Stream and copy MEASUREMENT ID
  4. If you need tracking code, Under Tagging Instructions, click Add new on-page tag > Global Site Tag (gtag.js). Your Analytics page tag is the entire section of code that appears, beginning with:
    <!-- Global Site Tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
    and ending with

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