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Layouts overview

AbanteCart has a powerful and easy to use Layout Manager that ensures controlling layout is a visual experience. The Layout Manager panel is where you would configure the layout for your theme.  

Using layout management feature you can change the layout of the web store pages. You can display additional information boxes/blocks on various pages. Featuring drag-and-drop functionality that gives you the power to place content blocks. The blocks can be defined for Default Page (All Others Pages), Home Page, Checkout Page, Login Page, Maintenance Page, Customer Account Pages, Default Product Page, Product Listing Page (Category pages) at once. Each page is divided into 5 parts for convenience: left, central, right, top and bottom. Blocks can be added to any of these parts.

Default template contain next Pages Layouts:

Home page

Checkout Pages (All pages for checkout process)

Login page

Default Product Pages

Maintenance page

Customer Account Pages

Cart Page (Basket or Shopping car page)

Product Listing Page (Categories Pages)

Default Page Layout (All others pages)

3rd party templates and extensions can add more layouts for additional pages.

More layouts can be added in XML format using Layout and dataset load XML feature in the System → Data → Backup / Restore / Load page

To have an idea how Layouts works check this short video

You able to create a custom layout for individual products, categories, manufacturers, content pages. On every product edit page (or others catalog items)  there is a Layout Tab. Once you modify it and save the New Individual layout will appear in Design → Layouts section.

Custom Layouts

All custom layouts you save on product edit page, category, manufacturer's or content pages are listed in the Layout Manager. You able to:

  • modify this layouts
  • remove them

Since v1.3.5 you can add new custom layout for any extension's pages. Available controller list depends on installed extensions.

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