Extension Developer Tools

In effort to help developers work on AbanteCart extensions, we have created "Extension Developer Tools"
Extension Developer Tools is a replacement extension for prior "Extension Generator" extension. 
New Features introduced: Projects saved, language definitions builder and extension package creator. 
With these tools developer can create all required extension directories and files right inside of AbanteCart installation automatically based on a wizard form. 
After form is completed, extension is built and installed inside current AbanteCart and development of extension functionality can be started quickly. 
These Extension Developer Tools save time for tedious directory and file creation and eliminated small human mistakes. Future: Intention with this extension to build easy and sophisticated process of building extensions. 
In the future we will add:

  • ability to add menu items as wizard and generate code for that
  • ability to build datasets as wizard and generate code
  • ability to build project based of existing extension
  • more features

Anyone welcome to help and contribute to this extension development. Join to project GitHub