Global Attributes

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If most of your products have the same product option, you can define this option here. You will need to define the product option only once and then you will be able to add it to any product in one click (without the necessity to add option variants for each product one by one).

  • Global Attributes type Product Option patterns created on this page will be available to add to products on the Administration → Catalog → Products → Options Tab
  • type Download Attributes created on this page will be available for adding to products downloads on the Administration → Catalog → Products → Files Tab and when create/edit Shared Downloads on the Administration → Catalog → Downloads
  • To add a new Global Attribute click the + button

third party extensions can add more Global Attribute Types for more specific use. For example product features, order attributes, customer attributes.

Edit Global Attribute

Global Attribute Status: MUST be "ON" for the product to appear in your store.

Name: The Global Attribute's name as it will appear in the front-end.

Attribute Parent: Here you can set the Attribute you are currently adding to be a parent of another Global Attribute

If this is a parent attribute with children attributes, it can only be of type SelectBox, MultiSelect Box, Checkbox and Checkbox group. Children's values combination will be shown as one set.

Sort Order: Sort Order set's the order of which the Global Attribute will be displayed amongst others.

Required: Select if You want to make Global Attribute required by default

Regular Expression Pattern for Validation of Values: is a sequence of characters that forms a pattern, mainly for use in pattern matching. Programming knowledge required!

Example /^.{0,10}$/ regular expression to allow an empty string or a string with a maximum length of 10 characters.

Error Message of invalid Value: message text showed when attribute value does not meet Regular Expression Pattern

Element Type: Select the Element Type. The following types are available:

Element Types have additional settings displayed after you choose the proper element type.


The single-line text input field. Can be used if you require some short text from the customer. For example cup-prints with custom names, Logos or anything else.


The multi-line text input can hold a large number of characters. Similar to input.


The drop-down list of options. Example colors, sizes, paper types... etc.


The list allows multiple selections. Use it if you sell products that come in different sizes, colors or flavors. For example 2 tone color prints or food ingredients.


Represents a selection of one item from a list of items (a radio button). Similar to selectbox but displayed in another format - all option values are visible. For example "Format: Blu-ray/DVD". You are able to set the default value.


Creates a single input checkbox. Represents a state or option that can be toggled. For example "gift wrapping: Yes".


A multi-checkbox set, allows a user to select multiple options. Similar to the multi-select box. Use it if you sell products that come in different sizes, colors or flavors.


(File uploads can be added as attribute) - Defines a file-select field and a "Browse..." button (for file uploads). For example, a customer can send a custom design or some docs attached to the ordered product.


Defines a hidden input field (a value that is not intended to be examined or manipulated by the customer)


for display only purpose

Parent & Child

You can also create a multi-option to combine two options into one. See Parent & Child example

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