Parent & Child Options

Example of parent/child attribute

Create attribute Color&size.

1. Create a parent attribute  

Create main attribute Color&Size without any values. Element type: - selectbox.

2. Then create a new child attribute Size. Set Attribute Parent: Color&Size.  

Element type: - selectbox. Here you need to add option values like XS, S, L...

3. Then create new child attribute Color. Set Attribute Parent: Color&Size.  

Add option values like white, black, red..etc. Element type: - selectbox.

4. Add Option to Product  

Now if you go to product edit page click to add a new Color&Size global attribute to the product.

5. Add the Option's values to the Product  

Then add option value like black:XS black:S white:L white:XS red:S red:L or any other combination of product you have to sell.

In the storefront product page, the customers can choose combined option value


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