Manage Coupons

Managed in Sales → Coupons

Coupon list

Customers are prompted for a coupon code and if a valid coupon code is entered, they can receive discounts for order.

  • To add a new Coupon click the + button
  • To remove a Coupon: - click on delete button
  • To edit a Coupons: - click on edit
  • Few bulk operations are also available for selected coupons - delete/save selected

Create/Edit Coupons

Status: Coupon status will determine if the coupon can be used or not.

Coupon Name: Enter a name of a new Coupon. It will appear in the storefront when a customer applies coupon.

Coupon Description: Descriptive text for internal use only.

Code: The code the customer enters to get the discount

Type: Select the Percentage or Fixed Amount

Discount: Coupon discount amount. If type is a Percentage then this percent is subtracted from the total price. If the type is set to a Fixed amount, then this fixed amount will be deducted from the sub-total.

Total Amount: The total amount that must reached before the coupon is valid.

Customer Login: Select Yes to require customer to log in before using the coupon, or No to not require it.

Free Shipping: Select Yes to give customer free shipping, or No to charge shipping.

Date Start: Set the start date

Date End: Set the end date for when you want the coupon to expire.

Uses Per Coupon: The maximum number of times the coupon can be used by any customer. Leave blank for unlimited

Uses Per Customer: The maximum number of times the coupon can be used by a single customer. Leave blank for unlimited

Total Coupon Usage: The number of times the coupon used by all customers.

Selected Products: Select which products you want to apply the discount amount to.
If none are selected then the discount amount will apply to all products.

Linking a Coupon with a Product

Linking a coupon with a product allows you to give a discount to customers who purchase a specific product.

1. Create new coupon

Go to Admin → Sales → Coupons

2. Link Products

In new coupon edit page find Selected Products field and Add as many products as you like to assign with coupon.