cPanel Installation

You can run AbanteCart installation using different app Installers for cPanel like Softaculous or Installatron

cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel with a graphical interface and automation tools, designed to simplify the process of hosting a website.

Most hosting providers use cPanel or similar control panels. Using cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel you are able to install AbanteCart in a few clicks

1. Login to your hosting cPanel and find the Softaculous button.

In Software section Installer click on Softaculous icon. Access the Softaculous dashboard, use the search bar positioned on the left-hand side in order to locate the AbanteCart.

2. Click Install.

In AbanteCart details page click on Install button.

3. Fill in all required fields.

Specify the configuration details required for the installation

Once you are have entered all the details, please click on the “Install” button. Softaculous will create automatically the MySql database, Mysql user, copy AbanteCart files, and configure all that is needed for you!

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