Regular Installation

The instructions below are for standard AbanteCart eCommerce application installation on a hosting server accessible on the Internet.

Step-by-step guide


1. Download the application

Download AbanteCart

Download the latest AbanteCart archive or extract source code from GitHub.

2. Unzip the archive

Once downloaded, unzip the compressed folder and check the structure.

Archive software required

Uncompress the distribution package on your local computer using any TAR- or ZIP-compatible archive software, e.g. WinRAR or 7-zip

AbanteCart file hierarchy
  • public_html - AbanteCart installation files
  • install.txt - Installation Instruction.
  • LICENSE.txt - Open Software License ("OSL") v. 3.0.
  • release_notes.txt - New Features and improvements highlighted.

3. Upload

Upload all the files and folders from the public_html directory to the required directory on your webserver

FTP software required

Upload all the files to your server by FTP software, e. g. FileZilla

4. Adjust files permissions

Now, you need to set the proper file permissions.

FTP software

If you do not have terminal access to your server, you can change file access permissions using an FTP client. Most of them have the "Change permissions" or "Change mode" functions. With the help of the function, you are to set the permissions for the 'config.php' file and the directories listed above. The 'chmod 666 config.php' command means that you must set 666 permissions (in other words, read, write and execute permissions for the file user, group, and other) for the 'config.php' file. Other commands (e.g. 'chmod -R 777 catalog') means that you must set the same 777 permissions for the directory, its sub-directories and all the files under these directories. Please refer to your FTP client documentation for more detailed instructions on setting file permissions

For Linux/Unix based servers make sure the following folders and files are writable  (only for the installation! After installation, you should remove the /install/ directory and set more secure permissions directories 755, files 644. Files like index.php and /system/config.php should be disabled for writing, based on your server configuration set 644 or 444)

chmod 0755 or 0777 system/config.php
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/cache/
chmod 0755 or 0777 system/logs/
chmod 0755 or 0777 image/
chmod 0755 or 0777 image/thumbnails/
chmod 0755 or 0777 download/
chmod 0755 or 0777 extensions/
chmod 0755 or 0777 admin/system/backup/ (if exist)
chmod 0755 or 0777 resources/

For Windows-based servers make sure the following folders and files allow Read and Write.


5. Create a MySQL database

Create a MySQL database (you may need to create a MySQL user before that) via your website control panel. Remember the MySQL name, host, user name, and password; they will be required at the next installation step.

6. Run Installation Wizard

Point your favorite web browser to run the installation script.


If you placed the AbanteCart files directly in the webroot, open Make sure to replace the part from the examples with your true domain name.  

If you placed the AbanteCart files to a subdirectory like web_root/store/, open Make sure to replace the part from the examples with your true domain name and subfolder name.

License Agreement

Please read the license agreement. If you accept its statements, select the 'I agree to the license' check box and click on the Continue button.

Compatibility Validation

This phase checks your PHP configuration and version, MySQL configuration, checks for PHP CURL, PHP ZIP & GD, PHP FileInfo support on your server and Write permissions. if the installer shows that some files or folders do not have proper permission, you have to change these permissions yourself.

If all tests are passed, you should click the Continue button. Otherwise, contact your server administrator or hosting support.

Host And Database Configuration

Provide the details of your web server host and MySQL server as well as specify your database parameters. You should fill in the following fields:

Database Driver: AbanteCart uses a MySQL database but you might have to use an MySQLi driver

Database Host: Usually it is named 'localhost', but in order to be certain, refer to the Databases page in your website control panel or contact your hosting provider

Database Username: Username for your MySQL user account

Database Password: MySQL user account password

Database Name: MySQL database name

Database Table Names Prefix: MySQL database prefix. Leave it blank if you have not. Some database tables has a name which consists of two parts: a table prefix and the specific database name itself. The use of prefix allows several web applications to utilize one database.

Note:  Database info varies by hosting provider and is out of the scope of this document. Consult your provider's support/documentation for instructions.

Admin section unique key: Will be used in the following address: where is the name of your new online store. This brings you to your Admin Login Panel. Only administrators needs to know this to access control panel of the shopping cart application.

Admin username: login name to your Admin Panel;

Password: password to your Admin Panel;

Admin E-Mail: Enter a real e-mail into the field. The default administrator e-mail, company e-mail (of Order, Support, etc. departments) and contact form recipient's email will be used the value of this field.

Data load

 Click Install Demo Data if you want to install demo products, orders, categories, banners etc.

After the Installation

Once the installation is complete, it is strongly recommended that you bookmark or remember your control panel link.

Delete install directory from your AbanteCart installation

Set only read permission for the system/config.php and /index.php files! Set with 644 or 640 permissions (444, or even 400 depending on your server setup). Only working directories needs to be 777 as cache, resources, images, logs. PHP files should not be 777 on live site.

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