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In your store's Admin area, go Go to the Design > Banner Manager→ Banner Manager

Banners can be used to display an image or block of content and appear for a specific period of time for a promotion. AbanteCart collect clicks and views stats for banners added with Banner Manager. How it works: 

  1. Create Banner. Two types available: Graphic and Text. Text banner can contain html so images can be added to text banner with html tags.
  2. Create Banner Block. Banner Block is special block with assigned banner, banners or group of banners.
  3. Enable Banner Block in Design → Layout page where you want to display it.
  4. Stats will be collected in Reports > Banner Statistic Reports  Banner Statistic

When designing banners for your store, you should take into consideration both the page layout and the theme you are using.


text Text banners have multi-language support. Make sure to add/update banner if new languages installed in the store