Create Graphic Banner

Go to the Design → Banner Manager

When designing a graphic banner with images, it is important to understand the page layout, so you can take advantage of the available space.

Graphic Banner

Status: MUST be "ON" for the banner to appear in your store. Status allows you to disable the banner from being showed on your site without having to delete it;

Name: banner name

Banner Group Name: select Banner Group Name or create new

Sort Order in Group: Sort Order set's the order in which the Banner will be displayed amongst others in the Banner Group;

URL: banner link

Open in New Window: to open a banner link in a new browser window

Date Range of Activity: select start & end dates to banner will be displayed on storefront. Leave blank to display banner all the time

Images: add banner image with drag-n-drop or click to open Resource Library window. With resource library, you can select existing image or upload new

Meta information: not required. Some third-party extensions may use it.