Create Graphic Banner

Go to the Design → Banner Manager

When designing a graphic banner with images, it is important to understand the page layout, so you can take advantage of the available space.

Graphic Banner

Graphic Banner is simple graphic image linked to some page.

pixel size - wide leaderboard banners can be 728 x 90, full banner 468 x 60, skyscraper 160 x 600. But you can use any.

image file size - banners are typically made to be under a specific weight like 50k or 100k to prevent bandwidth hogging downloads – this is important on mobile accessed stores

Status: MUST be "ON" for the banner to appear in your store. Status allows you to disable the banner from being showed on your site without having to delete it;

Name: banner name

Banner Group Name: select Banner Group Name or create new

Sort Order in Group: Sort Order set's the order in which the Banner will be displayed amongst others in the Banner Group;

URL: banner link

Open in New Window: to open a banner link in a new browser window

Date Range of Activity: select start & end dates to banner will be displayed on storefront. Leave blank to display banner all the time

Images: add banner image with drag-n-drop or click to open Resource Library window. With resource library, you can select existing image or upload new

Meta information: not required. Some third-party extensions may use it.