Create Text Banner

Go to the Design → Banner Manager

Text Banner

You can specify the text and background colors of a banner using a HTML tags within the banner. 

text banners have multi-language support. Make sure to update banner code if few languages installed in store!

Status: MUST be "ON" for banner to appear in your store. Status allows you to disable the banner from being showed on your site without having to delete it

Name: banner name

Banner Group Name: select Banner Group Name or create new

Sort Order in Group: Sort Order set's the order in which the Banner will be displayed amongst others n the Banner Group

Date Range of Activity: select start & end dates to banner will be displayed on storefront. Leave blank to display banner all the time

Banner HTML-code: the HTML code of Text Banner.

Make sure you have disabled Adblock like addons in browser - by default Adblock trigger false positive alarm and may prevent to load HTMLcode editor or some banners.

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