Edit Language

Go to the System → Localization → Languages

Language Info

Language Name: Name of the language.

Code: ISO Language code. Must be unique for each language. In most cases 2 symbols value (for example en)

Locale: Locale is used to auto-detect the language a customers browser is using. You can view the different browser codes here. Must be comma separated.

Example: en_US.UTF-8,en_US,en-gb,english

Directory: The exact directory or folder where you uploaded the language files. Should be similar to public_html/storefront/language/languagename.

Sort Order: If your store uses multiple languages, what order the languages are displayed in.

Load missing Data

AbanteCart powered with the tool to bulk copy/translate or replace all multi-language data like product's info, order's statuses names, tax name etc. To run it go to System → Localization → Languages. Click edit any installed language and locate Load missing language data section.

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