Add Language

go to the System → Localization  Languages

There are two ways to add new language:

Add Language with extension

You can easily add new languages using Language extensions. This is recommended way.

There are several free Language Extensions available in Admin → Extensions  Languages

languages extensions

Check also for language extensions at AbanteCart marketplace and about 25+ languages available at github. 

Download all in one archive, unarchive it and move language folder you need to the /folder_where_abantecart_installed/extensions/ directory 

Please follow simple steps to add new language with extension:

1. Install language extension. See extension installation manual

2. Once extension installed please set extension status to ON

3. New language will be available in your language list in Admin → System → Localization → Languages

Enable it

Insert manually

Insert language manually is Not recommended approach.

If insert manually all language data will be stored in the database and can not be moved to another installation.

A more preferred way of adding new languages is to install language extension and translate .xml files inside extension folder. In this way, you can move it to another installation

After Language installed

Each time you add a new language, you should do the following step:
Go to every multi-lingual page and translate:

    • Admin → Catalog → Products/Categories/Downloads
    • Admin → Sales → Coupons
    • Admin → Design → Content
    • Admin → System → Localization → Order Statuses/Weight Classes/Countries/Zones/Tax Classes

All this data are multi-lingual. When Customer change language on Storefront the proper language data loaded. If you forgot to edit something the blank data will appear. 

Fortunately, AbanteCart has several tools to help you easy implement new languages. You able to Load missing (not translated) language data from source to any other language installed in your store. In Admin Front go to System → Localization → Languages and click Edit button opposite new language. Just select Source Language to copy from and click Load button.

This action will copy all missed language data like Product's and Categories names, descriptions, Length & Weight classes, Order statuse ...etc.

Also, there is paid extension Google Translate API 2 available on AbanteCart Extension Store, find it just right in your AbanteCart Admin → Extensions → Get Extensions section. With the google translate API 2 service, you can automatically translate all your text in the shopping cart to any language that you have installed. Once installed it will appear in the Load missing language data section.

Note: Google translate API 2 is paid service. Please refer to google translate API pricing. Please backup before this actions.

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