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3D Secure

Stripe payment supports 3d Secure cards. For extra fraud protection, 3D Secure requires customers to complete an additional verification step with the card issuer when paying.

To use this extension, you need to connect to new or existing Stripe account using the connect button If you do not have a Stripe account, please still click the connect button on the additional settings tab.

Fill in the following fields:

Store: Select your store.

Status: MUST be "ON" for the Payment module to appear in your store.

Success & settled: Select the main order status you want to set in response to payment processor status.

Success & not settled: Select the main order status you want to set in response to payment processor status. The recommended status is Processing, however, you can change this to whichever status you prefer.

Decline: Order status you want to record in history in response to payment processor status. The order will be placed only after payment is a success.

secure connection required

Stripe payment require SSL Certificate installed and enabled in your store settings to transmit all transactions using a secure connection.

Additional settings

Click to connect with Stripe live or test accounts. If you have connection issues click the 'Cannot connect' link to set up Stripe manually.
Every account is divided into two universes: one for testing, and one for running on your live website. All API requests exist in one of those two universes, and objects in one universe cannot be manipulated by objects in the other.
In test mode, credit card transactions don't go through the actual credit card network — instead, they go through simple checks in Stripe to validate that they look like they might be credit cards. You should only use your test API keys for testing. This will make sure that you don't accidentally modify your live customers or charges.

After connection, you can change Settlement type

Identifying potential fraud

Edit account settings to automatically decline charges that fail either AVS (address) or CVC (card) verification. However, even good charges may fail one or more of these checks—investigate which transactions will be blocked before turning on these settings! (AVC verification is enabled by default).

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