Enable Payment

Go to the Extensions → Payments

Every payment method in AbanteCart is presented as Extension and in order to access these, you will need to login to the admin area.

Once you access the Extensions page you will find the Payments extension list. Then you will need to click on the small “play” like icon under the “Quick Actions” column of the table view. This action will install the extension and will lead you to the configuration page for the same where you need to configure additional options.

Common payment settings

Extensions → Payments

Once you access the Extensions page you will find the Payments extension list. 

Additional settings vary in each payment however several settings are present is part of AbanteCart core and present in any payment method installed:

Location: limit payment for selected Location. Use it when you want to allow specific payment for some Location only.

Storefront Icon:  Payment icon to be displayed at checkout payment selection page.

Total Order Minimum:  Minimum order amount to be reached to allow this payment. If not reached customers will not see payment.

Total Order Maximum:  Maximum order amount to be reached to disallow this payment.

Auto Select:  You can set to skip payment selection page if there is only one payment option available. This payment method will be selected automatically. 

Shipping & Payment accept

Every shipping extensions allow you to set specific payment or few payments in case customer select shipping method. By default nothing selected when you install shipping extension and all available payment methods will be shown

Get more payments

If you did not find required payment method in the Extensions → Payment list you can get more third-party payment extensions in the http://marketplace.abantecart.com or directly in Admin → Extensions → Get Extensions

Core AbanteCart Payments

Third Party Payments

Extensions are available in Extensions → Get Extensions section or thru browser direct link http://marketplace.abantecart.com