Connect store

Extensions → Get Extensions → Connect

Connect AbanteCart store to official Marketplace to get new extensions, themes or new versions update notification.

List All Extensions

Go to Admin → Extensions → Get Extensions and click Connect button

in popup Register New user or login if already registered with

Connect to access more features

After successful connection you can:  

  • buy and install purchased extensions immediately.
  • view purchased extensions list
  • disconnect your store
  • browse all marketplace extensions
  • upgrade extensions directly from a marketplace

In the My Extensions section, you can see extensions purchased with your marketplace account.

If you can't see the purchase

Extensions displayed here are limited to purchases for your store URL. To see all purchases for all stores please go to  Account > Extension Downloads

Extended Support

All extensions purchased at the marketplace are subject to the license per store Url. if you run a website on a new installation of AbanteCart, you need a separate license for each store. The purchased extension is provided with 120-day support from an author with free upgrades within this time frame. If your order support has expired, you will not get any updates for your extension.

You can extend support time and updates with the purchase of an additional 1-year support term.