Connect to Marketplace error

Resolving the issue of not being able to connect to the marketplace involves addressing two common reasons that could be causing the problem. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve the connectivity issue:

Step 1: Check your hosting firewall: Sometimes, your hosting provider's firewall may block outgoing connections to the marketplace server, preventing your store from establishing a connection. To resolve this contact your hosting provider's support team: Request them to review and adjust the firewall settings if necessary.

Step 2: Ensure your cookies are proper: If you have accessed your AbanteCart admin via an insecure HTTP protocol, your browser might block unsecured cookies, causing connection issues. To fix this, follow these steps:

a) Update your store URLs to HTTPS: Log in to your AbanteCart admin panel and navigate to the settings section. Ensure that your store URLs are updated to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. This change will ensure a secure connection between your store and the browser.

b) Close all open browser tabs related to your AbanteCart and the marketplace. Next, clear your browser's cookies and cache to ensure that any old unsecured cookies are removed.

c) Access your admin panel via HTTPS Store URL: Open a new browser tab and visit your AbanteCart admin panel using the HTTPS protocol. Double-check that the URL starts with "https://" to ensure a secure connection.

Step 3: After completing the above steps, try connecting to the marketplace again.


If, after following all the above steps, you still can't connect to the marketplace, consider seeking further assistance from AbanteCart's support or your hosting provider's technical support team.

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