List Categories

Categories are managed from Catalog → Categories

A category is an organizational unit to which you assign your products. When viewing your store, customers will click on a category to view products that have been assigned to that category. You can also create subcategories within your category. 

After categories created, you must assign products to them separately when you are creating a new product or editing existing.

This section allows you to perfom following actions:

  • change categories sort order with mouse drag-n-drop or manually entering sort order directly in the grid
  • change the store to view categories within another store in case you have multi-store enabled
  • disable or remove categories directly in the grid
  • quick view & edit categories
  • refine loaded categories hierarchy list. Note: Use category dropdown in the top menu to load All categories or specific category level 
  • get embed code of loaded categories list

category remove

When you remove category this will not remove products assigned

Quick View

In Quick View modal, you can edit most of the category data without leaving category grid.

Embed Categories List

With Embed you can sell anything on almost any website or html page. To get category embed code click on the share icon.

Read more about how to embed your categories, products and brands.