Go to the System → Data → Import

You are able to import bulk data into your AbanteCart store using '.txt' or '.csv' spreadsheet-like files. Some of the fields (columns) are required for a successful import, yet nearly almost all fields are supported, allowing you to determine the level of detail you wish to import.
This is particularly useful when migrating and importing from a different eCommerce or Inventory platform.

Import Format Difference

In AbanteCart you can choose between native import format and free format.

This article describes import with the native AbanteCart format. If you are looking for a more simplified (but less controlled) way to import please try the easy-to-use import format with Import Wizard tool

Action Insert or Update

With native format If you import data with table auto-increment index columns provided (example: product_id), default auto action will be update. In case, new inserts required with auto-increment columns values, action insert needs to be specified manually. For example in the CSV file, you need to add a new column action and add value insert for each table or a new column in the CSV file.

Example 1: Update products

In this example we will show how to easily update your existing products.

First export one or all products. Go to System → Data  Import/Export. In the Export Tab find Products, click to expand the table and select only product_descriptions table.

In the opened CSV file easy to update/edit this products fields:











Also, You can edit other fields. But You need to know your correct ids/values already existing in your data for this fields:





Then Import file. Go to System → Data  Import/Export. In the Import Tab select correct File to import and correct CSV/TXT delimiter. Click Import button.

After processing the message will be shown. Normally 0 errors should be displayed.

Example 2: Insert products

Before inserting a lot of new products just create a sample product in Admin → Catalog → Products with all fields you need.

Then export to CSV file. Make sure to select required tables like:




or any other tables which one contain needed data for a configured sample product.

Then open exported CSV file in CSV editor like OpenOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, etc.

Be sure to open a file with the correct CSV delimiter.

Copy row with sample product to make sure new product will be configured in the same way.

To insert new products using import tool you need to add a new column named action in the exported file. 

Then Import file. Go to System → Data  Import/Export. In the Import Tab select correct File to import and correct CSV/TXT delimiter. Click Import button.

See CSV (TAB delimited) examples for insert :

Example 3: Product minimum insert

Very minimum example

Very minimum CSV file with columns allowing you to insert product with basic settings like name, weight, price, description, blurb, category id to assign, store id, tax class, quantity etc

products minimum CSV TAB delimited example abantecart_import_minimum.csv

Example 4: Insert products with Images

upload images by FTP to this path ../resources/image/somefolder/

permission for this folder to 777 (or 755)

change/add these columns in your CSV file


Example 5: Import Resources by URL

change/add this columns in your csv file

You can and more and more images for one product in a similar way

Example 6: Insert Product with Option and quantity pricing

You can and more product rows


Example 7: Update Product (add images to product)

You can and more product rows. The attached example is TAB delimited CSV file update_product_with_images.csv 

1. put your images to resources/image/folder_in_resource_directory
2. please use the attached TAB delimited CSV file as an example of how to update products (add resource image to products)
3. In the CSV file double-check you set a valid product id (first column) and the path to the image file (last column).
4. When import, make sure to select the correct delimiter!

More Examples

Download New Products Example (insert)


Download Update Products Example (update)