Backup & Restore

Go to System → Data → Backup

AbanteCart built-in Backup and Restore

Save or restore a full or partial copy of your store's to your personal computer.

Backup files and db

Save a full or partial copy of your store's database to your personal computer in SQL database format.
This does NOT save a copy of your all store files like .php 

Partial copy means that you can backup (and restore it later) only part of your database for example backup only main products info by selecting products, products_description, and products_to_category, products_to_store tables and backup Resource Library Files (images and others media).

Starting with version 1.2.0 AbanteCart support the creation of scheduled backup.

backup process execution depends on your AbanteCart data size as well as your server virtual memory size:
in most cases backup issues are related to 2 causes:
1. memory for PHP is not enough
2. time for executing php-script exceeds a limit
3. check directory /../admin/system/backup permissions to be set to -rw-rw-rw
Both causes regulated by php.ini directives but have global server limitations (hosting limitations). If you cannot change them we recommended to create a full backup of your AbanteCart in the hosting provider CPanel (ask hosting provider support about this, or just do an export of the whole database from phpmyadmin and copy all files via FTP access) 

if the backup fails on the compressing backup to archive step (cannot to pack) you can try to backup without Compressing option so backup files will be in the /admin/system/backup/ directory and you can upload it manually via FTP or hosting panel file manager

Restore database

Restore a full or partial copy of your store's database from your local computer.
To restore backup please unpack the backup file and click browse to select a dump.sql file from the unarchived \manual_backup_20xx\data\ folder, then click GO button.

To restore Resource Library Files please copy all contents of "code" directory to your AbanteCart directory. You need to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

All Backup files are located in the Admin → System → Logs → Install/Upgrade History section and saved in .tar.gz archive format. To extract tar.gz file, upload it to your PC then open using archive software for example free 7-Zip and unpack. 

External backup and restore

If for any reason the built-in backup is not working for you, you can use the standard way to back up code and database. There are 2 steps in the backup and you need Linux shell access:

Backup code using tar and gz command line tools.

cd /your_webdirectory
tar -cvpz backup.tar.gz *

Create database export.

mysqldump -u database_username -p[password] database_name --opt > filename.sql

cPanel backup and restore

cPanel backup is not AbanteCart related. Below information is for general information purposes only. 

You can create a backup of your site quite easily. Account backups can be performed using the cPanel → Backups functionality in your hosting account.

Additionally, you can use the standard way to back up all files and database. There are 2 steps in the backup and you need hosting cPanel access:

Backup code (files).

In order to backup your files, you should download all the files from your public_html folder to your computer using your favorite FTP client. After that, you can easily upload back the files to your hosting account and your website will be restored.

Create database export.

Once having all the files on your computer, you should make a dump of your MySQL database. Access the phpMyAdmin tool available in your cPanel. You can select the database that you would like to backup from the Database menu (located in the upper left corner of the page). In order to proceed with the backup click on the Export tab.

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