AbanteCart Upgrade

If there is a new version available for your AbanteCart, you will have a notification in your message box of AbanteCart administration.

Upgrade Sequence

You should upgrade version to version. Upgrades are available only from the prior version to the next. Make sure the version is not skipped.

Start with updating AbanteCart with the lowest upgrade package number. After you update, start the update with the next sequence number.

Before upgrade

Recommended that you DO NOT upgrade AbanteCart on the live site. Depending on your server or OS configuration upgrades might not go all the way through and you will need more time for the manual upgrade. We suggest you upgrade your test site first and always create backups. If you do not upgrade for a long time, you will need to run all upgrades in between. If you are made Core modifications in any of the files that changed, they may need to be redone.

Automatic upgrade in admin

Following update order is recommended.

Upgrade manually

Some knowledge and skills required to proceed manual upgrade process.

After upgrade

Please clear the browser cache after you complete the upgrade process

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