Import Wizard

Go to the System → Data → Import

If AbanteCart fails to detect format the Import Wizard will start and ask you to select every column name and meaning you want to assign to column values.

Import wizard

Browse .csv file on your pc and select correct CSV delimiter.

After file upload, select a destination. Information you are going to upload to the database will be represented in this step. In order for product details to be placed to correct database fields, you should set associations between file columns and corresponding fields.

AbanteCart will try to set columns name's meaning on the fly but you can change columns meaning with select

Do not forget to opt for an identifier by which AbanteCart products will be recognized. To update products please set on what column wizard should look to update existing products.

If your data contain multiple values for categories or images in one column you need to select a correct delimiter. The delimiter is a symbol that will be used to detach categories in the category tree, images in media resources. For example, your product has multiple images so in one column you can set multiple images URLs - url1,url2,url3

Or set full category tree you want to create and assign to the product - parent category name, child category name, child category name

Map export

To avoid spending time on columns meaning selection you can export the mapping of columns|meanings to apply next time you upload a similar file

Products import example

comma delimiter

example with images loaded to options values (comma delimiter)

in this example options values images separated by a comma

Categories import example

comma delimiter categories.csv

Brand import example

comma delimiter manufacturers.csv