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United Parcel Service is the world's largest package delivery company.

To offer this shipping method to your customers, you must first open an account with UPS.

Status: MUST be "ON" for Shipping module to appear in your store.

Set extension status to ON, then Additional Settings button will appear.

Click on it and fill in the following fields:

Access Key: - Enter the XML rates access key assigned to you by UPS.

Username: - Enter your UPS Services account username.

Password: - Enter your UPS Services account password.

Pickup Method: - How do you give packages to UPS (only used when origin is US)

Packaging Type: - What kind of packaging do you use?

Customer Classification Code:  01 - If you are billing to a UPS account and have a daily UPS pickup,

03 - If you do not have a UPS account or you are billing to a UPS account but do not have a daily pickup,

04 - If you are shipping from a retail outlet (only used when an origin is US)

Shipping Origin Code: - What origin point should be used (this setting affects only what UPS product names are shown to the user)

Origin City: - Enter the name of the origin city.

Origin State/Province: - Enter the two-letter code for your origin state/province.

Origin Country: - Enter the two-letter code for your origin country. (example US)

Origin Zip/Postal Code: - Enter your origin zip/postal-code.

Test Mode: - Use this module in Test (YES) or Production live mode (NO)?

Quote Type: - Quote for Residential or Commercial Delivery.

Services: - Select the UPS services to be offered.

Display Delivery Weight: - Do you want to display the shipping weight? (e.g. Delivery Weight : 2.7674 Kg's)

Weight Code: - Allowed kgs or lbs. Make sure you match the weight class with the UPS accepted weight code.

Weight Class: - Set to kilograms or pounds.

Length Class: - Set to inches or centimeters.

Dimensions (L x W x H): - This is assumed to be your average packing box size. Individual item dimensions are not supported at this time so you must enter average dimensions like 5x5x5.

Tax Class: - If you are required to charge tax on this item, set to "Taxable Goods."

Location: - select proper Location

Storefront Icon: - Shipping Icon to be displayed at checkout shipping selection

Auto Select: - You can set to skip shipping selection page if there is only one shipping option. This shipping method will be selected automatically

Accept these payments: - If only specific payment methods are needed for this shipping method, select them here. If nothing selected, all available payment methods will be shown

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