Run upgrade in admin

Upgrade your AbanteCart eCommerce application core version once in a while, since important fixes or new features will be released.

Before upgrade

Recommended that you DO NOT upgrade AbanteCart on the live site. Depending on your server or OS configuration upgrades might not go all the way through and you will need more time for the manual upgrade. We suggest you upgrade your test site first and always create backups.

Upgrades are available only from a prior version to the next. If you do not upgrade for a long time, you will need to run all upgrades in between. If you are made Core modifications in any of the files that changed, they may need to be redone.

Update notification.

You will see an update notification once you log in to the admin. It will show in your message box.

In notification message click on upgrade link.

You can also use key abantecart_upgrade_133 (abantecart_upgrade_version) to submit to extension install section.

Fix file permissions

If you have files or directories that do not have write permissions, you will be asked to do upgrade using FTP. You can change permissions on required files to be writable (777) or just make all files and directories writable for the upgrade process. This can be and recommended changed back after an upgrade. If you encounter issues or do not feel comfortable with permissions, run a manual upgrade instead.

Clear browser cache

Please purge browser cache. When update application, your browser may still use old coockies and css files.