Upgrade manually

If there is a new version available for your AbanteCart, you will have a notification in your message box of AbanteCart administration.


Before upgrade

Recommended that you DO NOT upgrade AbanteCart on the live site. Depending on your server or OS configuration upgrades might not go all the way through and you will need more time for a manual upgrade. We suggest you upgrade your test site first and always create backups.

Upgrades are available only from the prior version to the next. If you do not upgrade for a long time, you will need to run all upgrades in between. If you are made Core modifications in any of the files that changed, they may need to be redone.

Download upgrade package

Download upgrade package from the AbanteCart Github releases page or for older versions Google Drive and http://sourceforge.net/projects/abantecart/files/

Backup AbanteCart

Back up AbanteCart database and code. There are several back-ups approaches The Backup Wizard interface in your hosting CPanel, AbanteCart built-in backup, Manually backup all AbanteCart files and MySQL Database via phpMyAdmin.

Decompress the upgrade package

Open the archive and copy all contents of "code" directory to your AbanteCart directory. You need to override directories and files if your copy process request confirmation.

Change MySQL database tables prefix

Open the upgrade.sql file in text editor and replace beginning of table names (prefix) "ac_" with your tables prefix selected at original installation. The easiest way to replace all "ac_" instances with your table prefix via your text editor's Find&Replace tool. To check prefix, you can open your database and check the beginning of all AbanteCart tables. If you did not use a prefix, replace with empty.

Run modified upgrade.sql

Run modified upgrade.sql file in MySQL (command line, phpMyAdmin or other )

If the upgrade.php file present in the upgrade archive

Finally include upgrade.php file somewhere in admin controller. Say in /folder_where_cart_installed/admin/controller/common/head.php in about line 30



Load admin page once! This will execute PHP update script and will run commands from the upgrade.php file

Remove the include line.

Clear browser cache

Please purge browser cache. When update application, your browser may still use old coockies and css files.

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