Upgrade Troubleshoot

  • Error: Can't connect to FTP-server

    Solution: Double-check FTP Host and password; Note that SFTP is not supported; Modify the permissions in your hosting account using the File Manager tool

  • You change file permissions but Warning: Some file or directory does not have write permission appears again

    Change permissions for the directory where a file is located.

  • Error: Can't find config-file package.xml inside a package.

    Contact your hosting to make sure the PHAR library is enabled for your PHP.

  • Error: There has been a critical error processing your request.

    Solution: Please check AbanteCart and webserver error logs for more details.

  • Error: cannot to pack

    Solution: Backup and Upgrade manually or try this solution

  • I have downloaded the abantecart_1.2_upgrade_only.tar.gz file but cannot unarchive it

    Solution: Re-download file to avoid corrupted download issue; Update your archiver; Try 7-Zip open source file archiver;

  • I have successfully upgraded to the new version but cannot find new features

    Solution: Some features are dynamic content-related and cannot be updated with the auto-update process. You can always find default configuration and dynamic content in our demo. Example of dynamic content: menu items, order statuses, banners.

  • Error: Table 'abc_email_templates' doesn't exist Error 

         Solution: Some tables were not created during the AbanteCart upgrade you can restore backup and upgrade manually (recommended) or try this solution

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