Go to System → Settings → Store

AbanteCart has multi-store abilities which allow you to manage multiple stores from one administration interface.

you can use multi-store in several ways:

  • one back-end to manage all stores
  • use different templates on each store
  • display different products/categories on each storefront
  • display different blocks, banners... layout (use another template)
  • localize each store by setting a different default language, currency.
  • setting different shipping and payment methods.

To setup multi-store, first of all, set up your main store with the main domain name.

To create multi-store you DON’T NEED to install cart again or anything do with files. Only you need is two things:
1. setup additional domain (addon domain) or sub-domain in your hosting provider admin panel
2. set up the second store in the admin of the main store. In the end, you should have 1 cart admin and 2 (or more) storefronts

Set up your hosting cPanel

Set up two or more domains in your hosting service control panel. This is very important to make sure that the second domain is routed to the correct folder.

There are several ways in cPanel - subdomain or addon domain.

Example for sub-domain setup

In your cPanel click on sub-domains icon

Create a sub-domain. Document Root to be the same as default domain!

If AbanteCart installed not in root folder. 

Make sure document root is same after subdomain created!

Anyway, a lot of beginners have issues with this step because:

  • Due to DNS propagation, the sub-domain can take up to 24 hours and more to start working
  • make sure to link the sub-domain to the path where the default store was installed to. The Document Root is the same in the default store and the multistore
  • make sure there is no redirection set up for new subdomain/domain
  • usually, user may need to clear browser cache and DNS cache on the local computer to resolve new or reconfigured domains/subdomains
  • also, possible some settings in the .htaccess file or file permissions issue prevent correct work

Please contact with hosting service provider to make sure your domain/subdomain configured correctly

Create Store in your AbanteCart admin panel

in AbanteCart admin go to System → Settings click on Create New Store button

fill in the at least following fields:

Status: Turn it On to enable store.

Store Name: The name of your store or business.

Store URL: Include the full URL to your store. Make sure to add '/' at the end. Example:

How to delete store

in AbanteCart admin go to System → Settings select store in the Edit Settings: drop down, click Edit Store button

the trash bin icon appears, click on it to completely remove a store