install HTML Widget

You don't need a web developer to add these to your site it's usually as simple as copying and pasting some code from a third-party widget into AbanteCart's HTML block

Step-by-step guide

  • Grab the code from the widget-maker's website
    1. Choose the widget you want to use, and go directly to that website (for example )
    2. Follow the instructions on the widget's website to sign up and customize your widget code.
    3. Once the widget-maker will provide you with some code, and tell you whether to put this into the body or head of your website, copy the code

  • Paste widget code to HTML block
    1. create new HTML Block (Design → Blocks)
    2. paste code into HTML/Text source window (do not change source editor because Visual editor can modify or remove some code)
    3. save block

  • add block to the Layouts (Design → Layouts)

To add widget on all pages please add block to all available Layouts

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