Page Builder

A page builder (Beta version) is an AbanteCart plugin that allows you to drag and drop elements into the backend of your AbanteCart website. It gives you a live preview of your page that you can edit in real time.

The builder comes with a live drag-and-drop interface right in the admin interface. You get to see all your changes as you add them by simply dragging elements from the right sidebar and dropping them on your page. You can click on any element on a page to edit its properties.

Page builder Pros:

  • Instead of coding text, you can implement page blocks and elements to change the way your web page functions and looks.

  • page builder support templates for you to create and work with.

  • page builder allows you to save your layout as preset to load it later on another page layout

  • you can import HTML

  • immediate access to the buttons for previewing, undo, and publishing changes


Click to get the AbanteCart page builder extension

AbanteCart 1.3.3+ required and new bootstrap 5 template is recommended.
Before starting using this extension, you might need previous HTML knowledge, should have at least basic familiarity with using CSS styles. You should have a basic understanding of how to manage HTML, javascript, and styles

To report bugs and issues please open a new issue in the bug tracker


Before you start please make sure all AbanteCart page-builder layouts (pages with dynamic content) include the Main Content Area. You can find this block in the Block manager > Storefront content.


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