Forms Manager

Go to the Design → Forms Manager

Forms manager extension provides very powerful tools to manage customer's forms in AbanteCart. You can create and edit forms with various data/html fields types and pre-defined values. Fields in the form will be selected and submitted by your customers.

Create new form

To add a new form click the + button in the forms manager grid. Look for all available field types and values and select and fill what is needed for your form. Once you add a new field you can set details value or values to the created field. Fields can be required. This will require your customers to select or provide input.

Form Name: The form name as it will appear in the admin front.

Description: as it will appear in the front-end.

Processing Controller: select Default Email. Submitted forms will be emailed to your store email

Success page: Leave it empty if you want to redirect to the same page as controller.

Default value forms_manager/default_email/success 

Fields types

You can add wide range of input fields to your form

How to display form in storefront

1. Create form

create new Form using Design → Forms manager

2. Create form block.

Go to Admin → Design → Blocks and click the INSERT button, select Forms block Tab. 

Add your form to the block

3. Add block to page Layout

To show form in storefront please add created Form Block to page in Design → Layouts