Template Manager

Template Manager is located in Admin → Design → Templates

Once new template is installed, set it to be default for your store in Design  Templates

Edit Template settings

Click gear icon to go to System → Settings → Appearance section. Here you can change store Logo, favicon, product's image size and more. For more details, check Changing template appearance settings.

Edit extension settings of the template

Most third party templates have additional configurations on the extension page as any other extensions in AbanteCart.

Please refer to manuals provided in your extension or theme. To access extension settings go to Admin → Extensions → Templates and find your template extension.

Manage Layouts

Admin → Design → Layouts

AbanteCart has a powerful and easy to use Layout Manager. You can controll layout with a visual experience or drag and drop.

The Layout Manager panel is where you would manage layouts for pages in your theme.

If you are looking for how to disable, edit or move block elements on the page (side boxes),  go to Admin → Design → Layouts. Select appropriate template/page layout and start editing.