Style Manager

May be used to adjust a unique style for a single element.

to change the look of an entire layout please refer to the external stylesheet.

Note: external CSS may override the component style selected in the Style Manager. If some properties have been defined for the same selector (element) in different style sheets, the value from the last read style sheet will be used!

Style manager allows you to set specific styles for the selected row or cell.

General Tab

Under the General tab, you will find settings for display, float, and component position.

The display property is the most important CSS property for controlling layout. In fact, to use the modern Flexbox model, you need to set the display property before you get access to its various properties and values. This is one reason why the display property is so important in CSS.

It is a crucial part of the presentation of your HTML code as it has a significant impact on layouts. For example, an element with a display property set to inline will not start on a new line and it will take up the remaining/available screen width. It just takes up the space such an element would normally take.

Because of this, you can't set the width and height of an element that has a display of inline, because it does not take up the whole screen width.

Layout Tab

Under the Layout tab, you will find settings for margins, padding, and the actual box width & height

Typography Tab

Under the Typography tab, there are main settings of CSS properties that control typography style: font and text

Decorations Tab

Under the decorations tab, you will find settings for Background Color, Background Image, Background Image Display, Box Shadow and Border Color

There are many options for defining the background display of a block. You can apply a simple color or background image, as well as manage more layers of background images.

If you set the Background to Background Image, use the following settings to define the background image display:

Background Size: Set this option to determine how the background image is scaled in relation to the width of the block

Background Repeat: Set this to repeat the background image to fill the available space in the

Background Position: Set this option to determine how the background image is anchored in relation to the block:

Background Attachment: Set the attachment type to determine how the background image moves in relation to the scrolling page

Extra Tab

Under the Extra tab, you will find advanced settings for transition and transform.


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