Store URLs & SSL

Go to System → Settings → Store Details

Store URL

Include the full secure URL to your store. Make sure to add '/' at the end. Example: or

Insecure URL starting from HTTP is for testing only.  HTTPS provides a secure browsing experience by encrypting data and cookie-sending behavior.

Store Url created automatically after AbanteCart installation, modify it only if you move your store to another folder or change domain name.

Secure Store URL

This will be the URL used during the viewing of secure store pages (login, my account, checkout, etc) via HTTPS protocol. Include the full SSL URL(HTTPS) in your store. Make sure to add '/' at the end. Example:

You can set a separate domain for secure connections (shared SSL domain). To use SSL check with your host if an SSL certificate is installed. 

How to enable SSL in your AbanteCart?

Configuration combinations related to store URLs

SSL is disabled (Test only)

SSL Enabled for secure store pages only (login, my account, checkout, etc) Test only

SSL Enabled for all store pages (required for Live stores)